Making Risk, Finance & Regulatory Computations Interactive, Transparent and Self Explanatory


Control Computations Interactively 

  • Register, Select and Execute Rules and Predictive Model sets dynamically
  • Compute at the most granular level for extremely large data sets
  • Collaborate and perform result diagnostics interactively
  • Perform multi-period, multi-methodology executions
  • Decide efficiently from a wide range of alternatives

Establish the integrity of results 

  • Explain changes to results confidently using advanced variance analysis
  • Establish full transparency of computations with lineage and trace of results across time, scenarios and models
  • Establish data and result integrity with historical repeatability and version management
  • Provide responsive feedback to Management, Auditors and Regulators with mathematically complete explanations

Adapt quickly to changes

  • Manage change to regulation, models, portfolios and organization through ease of configuration
  • Explore data and model computations tactically and iteratively in a sand-box – build out strategic programs based on learnings
  • Choose the deployment option that is best suited to the operating environment, allowing for seamless movement from the desktop to the data center to the cloud

The Platform

Built on Spark and other contemporary technologies for dynamic, responsive in-memory computations and extreme scale

Built for Cloud deployments and concurrent, interactive workgroups

Speed of execution allows what-if analysis and rapid exploration of alternatives

Multiple teams can work together – easing the workload and support for ownership for results

Platform Framework creates new computation sequences, models and result data sets without coding

Advanced metadata technology automatically traces, versions, compares and details all results

Metadata allows for rapid changes to methodology and approach when required by regulators and business

Explains the variances and result detail to management and regulators without any additional manual work


IFRS9 and CECL Solution

  • Provides a comprehensive suite of methodologies for a wide range of lending portfolios
  • Supports multiple jurisdictions concurrently for multi-national banks
  • Allows Configuration of Macroeconomic Overlays, Supports baseline and stress scenarios
  • Supports strong attribution analysis for time period, scenario and model parameter changes
  • Allows changes to models without any coding, with all parametrization transparent, accessible and auditable
  • Provides Dashboards for Management, Visualizations for Analysts and Preconfigured reports with drill down and reconciliation

About Us

S Ramakrishnan, Chairman

SR has been working at the intersection of data, analytics, advanced technology and financial services for most of his career. He was most recently Citigroup’s Chief Data Officer, with prior experiences as a General Manager for Oracle and as the CEO for Reveleus and Mantas. Passionate about pushing the boundaries of data technologies and applying them innovatively to critical business problems, he has demonstrated success in building and implementing market-leading Data and Analytics infrastructures & processes in the Financial Services Industry

Alok Tiwari, CEO

Alok has been advising leading financial services firms globally on Risk & Regulatory transformation initiatives for over 15 years. As a co-founder & CEO of Aptivaa he has established the firm as a successful risk analytics consultancy with over 125 clients comprised of the best names in the global financial services industry. Under his leadership Aptivaa has won prestigious industry awards (such as CNBC-Emerging India - runner up). And has won prestigious mandates from the top global banks against the worlds leading consulting firms.

Sandip Mukherjee, COO

Sandip is a risk and compliance professional with deep insights into quantitative and qualitative aspects of risk management and analytics. As a co-founder of Aptivaa, Sandip has a proven track record in managing large regulatory risk and compliance programs for leading financial services firms globally. He has supported institutions in early stages of compliance programs by providing advisory services, advanced methodologies and in setting benchmarks for various best practices against their peers.

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